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Embark on your language learning journey in Cebu, Philippines, where our school stands at the forefront of excellence. Situated in prime locations 

and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we offer unparalleled educational experiences. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment, where quality education meets tropical paradise. Join us and elevate your language skills amidst the best that Cebu has to offer.

Best location in Cebu 

1 - Minutes

PILAedu Academy offers the perfect learning environment with convenient access to a nearby McDonald's and excellent surrounding infrastructure. Enjoy easy transportation and various amenities right at your doorstep. Start your successful journey with us at PILAedu!

The night market located just a minute away offers a variety of food, drinks, and small performances, making it one of the highlights of Cebu IT Park. You can enjoy a vibrant cultural experience with numerous tourists and diverse people coming together.

3 - Minutes

Ayala Mall, owned by the Ayala Group, is a premier shopping center in Cebu, offering shopping, dining, and entertainment all in one place. The Central Bloc, located in the IT Park branch of Ayala Mall, serves as the heart of Cebu, alongside the SEDA Hotel.

The academy is conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Cebu's central bus terminal, making transportation highly accessible. This bus terminal serves as a major transportation hub, connecting to various destinations across Cebu. Students can easily reach numerous tourist attractions and important areas from here. With safe and convenient transportation options, students can enjoy various activities outside of their studies. This excellent accessibility makes it an ideal location for balancing academics and leisure

10 - Minutes

This is a golf course located in the heart of Cebu City. It serves as a social club for locals in the city center and is frequented more by residents than tourists, giving it a typical country club atmosphere.

The Waterfront Hotel is a prominent hotel in Cebu City that features a casino welcoming both local and foreign visitors. Additionally, guests can enjoy separate access to swimming pools and fitness centers


TreeWoods Residences Cebu, IT-Park, Sitio San Miguel, Brgy. Apas, Cebu city, 6000
Contact Number
Campus Capacity
126 ~ 450(Early next year) Students
Program Instructors
On-campus Dormitory

Adult : Single(Condo), Twin A(Condo)

Twin B(Dormitory), Quad A, Quad B

Family : Standard(Condo)





  • The motto of PILAedu is to view English not as an academic discipline but as a means of communication.
  • A tailored education system featuring high-quality books and tests created by top instructors.
  • We have a program where instructors receive weekly training sessions to help them become experts in their field.
  • Our menu is crafted by skilled chefs who specialize in Korean and Japanese cuisine.
  • PILAEDU is uniquely positioned in the safest city in the region, IT-PARK, among language schools in Cebu.
  • Experience everyday English and diverse cultural activities within a 3-minute walk from top-notch facilities.