National ratio

"Our institute welcomes students from various nationalities, allowing for classes with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. By using English in daily life and forming connections at the institute, students can continue using English even after their program ends."

PILAedu is composed of students from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea. 

It offers a diverse cuisine tailored to the tastes of each country, along with programs that facilitate interaction among students from different cultural backgrounds, fostering friendships. Students can engage in natural language acquisition through socializing, and local managers from each country provide special care according to their needs.




Select the institute program and dormitory type, and plan the duration of your stay.


"If the tuition fee is not paid, the enrollment will be automatically canceled after 3 days."


You must check the expiration date of your passport, and it must be valid for at least 6 months from the start of the program. Airfare must be a round-trip ticket.


 You must pay the tuition fee, and if it is not paid in full 4 weeks before departure, the enrollment will be canceled without notice. The last week before departure is the only period for a full refund, excluding the registration fee.


Review the departure orientation (OT) materials provided by the institute,

and make sure to connect with 

the institute's contact person and messenger 

in advance.

Phone :  +63)9173280299

Kakao :   pilaedu

Line     :   pilaedu


Before departure, you must complete the E-travel form and receive a QR code. Student insurance is recommended for study abroad.